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Reasons For the New App

Why would I use this app?

Small Groups:


Give online in an easy and secure format.



Change and update your data in our database to make sure we have the right contact information to send emails, give you a call, or issue a tax receipt.

Kids Check-Ins:

How does this tool help our church?

Thanks for asking! On the administration side, this app works with our new database in several great ways:

What is Church Center replacing?

Church Center is replacing an interface called The Hub that was introduced several years ago. While similar in use, it is user-friendly, app-based, and works with our new database system.

Church Center is not replacing the Attridge bulletin app, BulletinPlus, nor is it replacing any volunteer platforms like Planning Center Services (used for scheduling volunteers).

Logging In

I don’t have a smart phone or a mobile phone number; can I use Church Center?

Church Center can be used on a smart phone or on the website on your computer. The website gives you access to the same information, groups, and events.

Visit the website at forestgrovecc.churchcenter.com and choose log in. If you prefer to use email, click on “use an email address instead” under the NEXT button, to fill out your email address & receive a passcode.

What if I forget my Church Center password?

Church Center utilizes passcodes not passwords, use your mobile phone or email address to receive a passcode to log in.

You can update your profile to connect your preferred email and mobile number to your profile.

FGCC’s office cannot reset your login for you, but we can update your contact information if you are not receiving the passcode. Please contact us to help you with this.

How do I log out of the Church Center App?

Do I need to log out of Church Center App regularly?

This should not be necessary. If you are concerned about security on the app, please choose “Require Touch ID (or passcode) to use the App” when setting up. This protects your giving and profile information. When you leave the app for longer periods of time, it will require your fingerprint (or phone’s password, if Touch ID doesn’t work) to re-enter.

Navigating Church Center

What is the difference between the mobile app and the website?

For the general user, there is little difference between the app and the website, except for small group messaging, which is an app only feature.

Other than small group messaging, the app and website are interchangeable.

For a manager / leader / admin of a group or event, you will need to use the website to edit and view any information for your group or event.

Where do I update my profile?

On Your Phone: When you are on the any page of the app, in the top righthand corner there is a small icon. Click on it to bring up your profile page.

On the Website: Ensure you are logged in. On the main page, or in the menu that appears when the circle in the top right corner is clicked, profile will be one of the options.

How do you have my information on this app?

This app is linked to our church database, where we store information on our congregants for ministry and donation receipting purposes. The information was entered into our new database from our old database, and was received at some point from you when you registered you or your children, made a donation, became a member, or were baptized or married at our church.

Your full profile is only viewable by you and our church staff that have access to the database. It is not posted online. It is stored on Planning Center’s servers, and sent to devices via the cloud using encrypted technology. Click here for more on Planning Centers Security and how they store your information.

My Home page displays a different FGCC site than I attend, why?

In the process of setting up the Church Center app on your phone, there are 3 church sites that can be chosen. If your home page displays the wrong congregation, you chose a different site when setting up the app. To correct this:

Why can’t I view a group that I am in?

On the website:

Ensure that you are logged in to your Church Center account.

On the App & Website:

You may not be registered in that group in our database. To join:

Why do I see group or event information for other congregations?

Church Center supports all of FGCC’s sites (called Campuses by Church Center). The homepage on the app is specific to your congregation, but the rest of the info is for all sites.

NOTE: Forest Grove Community Church is one church with three unique congregations – Attridge, Broadway and North Site. We are united together through vision, mission, and organizational structure, while each congregation brings their unique perspective and application in worship, discipleship and reaching their surrounding community.


How do I donate to the church in the app?

In the “Give” tab, type in your desired amount and click “Next”. Choose the Fund that you would like to donate to; the frequency of giving and payment method. Add your credit card (or debit card, if allowed), or choose Apple Pay, and click “Next”. If you enter your credit card info, the app will open your phone’s web browser with the final step. Choose “Give $ Now” to confirm your donation.

NOTE 1: The online payment system, called Stripe, charges a fee to use their system. Therefore, 2.9% of credit card transactions + $0.30 per transaction is taken out of your donation to the church.

NOTE 2: Apple's iOS has rules for in-app donations for non-profits, and therefore the final step takes you to Church Center’s website to confirm your donation.

Where is my credit card / debit card information stored?

Any credit card / debit card info that you enter does not go into FGCC’s database. This is securely stored with the payment software, Stripe or Apple Pay, both of which use encryption.

For more information about secure online payments, visit Stripe security details or Apple Pay security details.

Why is my debit card not accepted?

While all major credit cards are supported for Canadian organizations, only a limited number of debit cards will work. For example, Visa Debit is supported, but Interac ATM cards or any card without a 3 or 4 digit CVC code are not.

Where do I find my record of Previous Giving?

Under “My Giving” in your profile. Please refer to the “Update my Profile” question above for details on finding your profile on the web or app. This information cannot be used for tax receipt purposes, there will still be yearly tax receipts issued by our accountant.

If you are looking for a donation made outside of the app, it may not appear here immediately. Donations require processing time (approximately 10-15 business days) to be added to your account. Please check back after 15 days to find out if your donation was received.

Planning Center

What is Planning Center and what is Church Center?

Planning Center is the “behind the scenes” database used by our church to manage and create all the events, groups, etc. For our volunteers, this is where managers/group leaders can access their groups or events, or where scheduling and planning for a Sunday morning happens.

Church Center is the “front end” tool that connects directly with church congregants. This can be done through the mobile app and/or the website.

The log in is asking for a password. What is my “Planning Center” password?

If asked for your Planning Center password, you have navigated to the back-end database which is used for administration. If this was by accident, return to the original website and log in with your email or mobile number. If you are a small group leader/event manager, this would be to edit the details of your group/event.

During the login process to planning center, if you forget your password, click on “Need a password”. Follow the process by using your mobile number or your email address that is in our church database to send a reset code. Once you enter this code, it will prompt you to create a new password.

The church cannot reset your password for you, but FGCC’s office can add a phone number or email address to your profile, contact us to add your information and be able to log in.

Why is Centre spelled the American way?

Planning Center is an American company and therefore spells it "Center". When we are referring to the names of the app or the website, we will use the correct spelling of their name.

This also ensures that people can find the app or the website when they are searching for it.

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